Cheese Biscuits Add liquid to mix. Stir 20 to 25 times. Turn onto lightly floured board; knead about 15 times. Roll to 1/2-inch thick. Cut with floured biscuit cutter (or mouth of drinking glass dipped in flour). Place on ungreased cookie sheet; bake at 425 for 10 minutes. Make 10 to 12 biscuits. After baked, may brush with melted garlic butter, if desired.

Increase water in Basic Biscuit recipe to 2/3 cup. It is not necessary to knead or roll dough. Drop by spoon fuls into well-greased muffin pans.

DUMPLINGS: Use 2/3 cup liquid in Basic Biscuit recipe. Liquid can be broth. Drop froma spoon onto boiling stew. Cover with tight lid. Cook 12 minutes.

1 cup mix. 1/4 cup water. Mix as for biscuit dough. Roll in circle 1/4-inch thick. Place in cookie sheet of the bottom of a pie pan. Turn up edges of dough. Add favorite toppings. (May want to bake crust first, before adding toppings, to keep dough from becoming soggy.)

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